Adopt a Snow Leopard

Every symbolic adoption supports our conservation efforts to ensure a future for snow leopards. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays or any other celebration, this is the perfect educational gift for anyone who loves these majestic cats. Choose from the packages below to start making a difference for snow leopards today.


Snow Leopard Cub

Help ensure a future for the cutest residents of Asia's high mountains. Snow leopards give birth in late spring or early summer, but cubs won't leave the secluded dens where they were born until autumn. Your symbolic adoption will directly fund our efforts to protect these adorable cubs so they can grow up in a world where humans and wildlife coexist.

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Snow Leopard Icons

Adopt a snow leopard made famous from our long-term research study in Mongolia. Using GPS collars, our teams have tracked more than 35 cats since 2008, contributing to a greater understanding of their behavior. Every adoption of a living legend or an icon from the past supports this groundbreaking work to protect this species.

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Research Camera

This is a one-of-a-kind chance to be the researcher. This exclusive package offers you a rare glimpse into the world of snow leopards when you receive your own photos from one of our research cameras. Will you be able to distinguish individual cats? How many other species can you find and identify? Step into the shoes of a researcher and find out!

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