Research Camera Adoption

Updated with new cameras from the latest field season! 

These exclusive photos are collected by remote sensor cameras in prime snow leopard habitats of India, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. These cameras are one of our most important research tools, giving our scientists a glimpse into what life is like for one of the world’s most secretive and elusive animals.

By 'adopting' one of these cameras you can share in our researchers’ magnificent discoveries, while directly supporting snow leopard conservation. Scrolling through your photos you will see candid images of snow leopards and their prey - all from a 'cat’s point of view’.

And with this adoption you are not simply paying for photographs from these cameras, you are quite literally "funding" a replacement! Your $500 contribution allows us to replace one of these cameras and continue our crucial long-term research.

Your adoption package includes:

  • Personalized Research Camera adoption certificate
  • Thousands (yes, thousands!) of exclusive photographs from a real research camera trap, immediately available to download! 
  • You will receive a full camera roll from Mongolia, India and Kyrgyzstan

Adoptions are a one-time donation, but you can adopt as many times as you'd like! Adoption packages are 100% tax-deductible.

Please note: These are now delivered electronically by an email that will include a link where you can view and download all your photos. As a conservation-focused organization, we try to by especially cognizant of our CO2 emissions and unnecessary waste from shipping. If you would prefer to receive your photographs on a USB-drive, please email and we will do our best to accommodate you.