Snowflake Stitching Cotton Napkins (set of 4)

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These beautiful products were handmade by communities participating in Snow Leopard Enterprises, an award-winning, conservation-focused handicrafts brand that helps create sustainable economic opportunities for families in snow leopard habitats.


"The embroidered napkins are by far one of my favorite products of our collection, and that is saying a lot, because I really love everything we carry. 

I use them for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and bring them as a host gift when I go over to someone's home for dinner. Some of the best conversations happen around a dining room table, and these beautiful napkins will certainly add to that. 

Even with the intricate embroidery, these are incredibly soft AND durable as I machine wash and dry them without issue. I always keep a stack on my counter both because they look stylish and are also handy to grab for quick wipes and spills."

These cotton napkins are soft, yet durable. Their simple elegant design makes them great for everyday use and/or special occasions.

  • Set of four napkins
  • Handmade in Pakistan
  • 100% Chitrali cotton
  • Approximately 15” / 38 cm diagonally
  • Machine washable, gentle cycle and dryer friendly, low heat

Due to the nature of cotton, napkins may shrink slightly from dryer.